MAREMOTO was born in 1991  as a lifestyle related to the sea and adventure. As the years passed this concept has united with the passion that we do our work with and our compromise of always doing better, which as turned us into a national reference for the jet ski rental and activity sector

In the latest years we have increased our product offer with the ZR equipment (Flyboard, hoverboard and jetpack) carrying on to specialising and developing our loving product, the jet ski.

From the moment we started this project we were clear about the path we were going to follow to achieve our goal, which isnt other than to offer you the excellence that you deserve as the character in our story.

This web page is a result of all of our years hard work, dedication and experiences lived. Its purpose is to be a channel where you can find out information about our service and nautical activities, offering the possibility of planning your own excursions or events with always our teams help. 


Working for a safer world


We like to contribute to make this world a safe and better one, this is why we collaborate with local authorities with equipment input to help with the development of their work. Thiss allows more safe environments for our clients. 


Our commitment? Your face reflects satisfaction through a smile, share with us your leisure time. This is what motivates us to keep improving!


What we are and what we want to continue being

We like our company's serious concept dedicated to offer fun and that is why we have gripped our vision, mission and values in a PHILOSOPHY:

  • We work to satisfy you so and this would make no sense without you.
  • We offer nautical activities and quality excursions that have value, are different and an unforgettable experience for our clients.
  • Continuously improving our facilities to make more accessible, attractive and environmentally friendly
  • We train our collaborators constantly turning them into part of that added or extra value and in image of the MAREMOTO values. 
  • Always revising our work procedures searching for improvements that could benefit our clients and make our work easier and better.
  • We establish our centres in strategic areas of the Costa Blanca that resemble natural Beauty, such as Altea, Denia and Javea / Xabia.
  • Responsibly growing with commitment that the activities and excursions we offer always have the maximum quality.
  • We collaborate with other companies that understand that excellence is the only way to get to you, and this is why you will be able to acquire our activities and excursions in the most exclusive places.
  • We use technology as a proximity and communication tool with our clients.
  • We are proud of our Alicante identity, a symbol of our passionate culture and idyllic environment where our excursions and activities take place.  

How can we help?

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